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  • Square Footage: 192 sq/ft
  • Overall Dimensions: 11’6” H x 13’2” W x 17’2” L
  • Recommended Foundation: 6”-8” of Crushed Gravel
  • Floor: Two 6x6x16’ Hemlock Skids 2×6 Rough Sawn Hemlock Floor Joists, 24” on center 3/4” CDX Plywood Flooring
  • Walls: 4×4 Hemlock Post and Beam Wall Heights: Front 60” Rear 76”
  • Doors: Single 3-0 JCS-built rough sawn Pine Door, no window, no ramp
  • Windows: One 3×2 eight-light Hinged Barn Sash Two 4×2 ten-light Hinged Barn Sash One Hand-blown Artisan Glass Roundel
  • Siding: 1” Rough Sawn Pine Board & Batten 1” Rough Sawn Pine Trim includes Corner Boards, Door, & Window Trim Rough Sawn Pine Fascia & Shadow Trim
  • Roof: 2×6 Rough Sawn Hemlock Rafters 24” on center 12/12 Front Roof Pitch, 4/12 Rear Roof Pitch Dormer with aluminum valley flashing; 12/12 Dormer Pitch 1×4 Roof Strapping 20” on center
  • Metal Roofing: 29g Corrugated: Evergreen Wood Louvered Vent

Kit Weight: 5300 lbs
Shipping Cube Size: 42”x60”x192”
Assembly Time: 2 People 30 hours

The Xylia comes standard with a number of windows and a single door making it a perfect candidate for a tiny-house, cottage, or cabin and comes with a set of double doors to increase storage potential or add an insulation package to make it livable year round. This design is elegant and classic with lots of potentials.

Rugged post and beam techniques passed down through the centuries are used to construct this durable delightful dwelling, reminiscent of old New England. All Jamaica Cottage Shop products are built from finest Vermont lumber and handcrafted for long life and durability and proven to stand the test of time and strength. Click here for more info.

Credit: Jamaica Cottage Shop

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