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We want to create a momentum of change in the very resource-intense building industry. We build flagship projects to show, what the future of living could look like: Ecological and fully self-sustained with closed circulation systems for water and energy. The WOHNWAGON was our first flagship that created a viral effect. With our planning department, we bring the know-how to many other applications: From self-sustained houses and community projects to even larger settlements. On our web platform, we share the knowledge about those projects open source and offer the products and plans that are needed to replicate them and create sustainable living projects across the world.


  • The Wohnwagon: individual solution for living naturally
  • A natural home, custom-equipped and crafted with care. Simply elegant and yet versatile. A natural tiny house with a loft feels that draws nature into the living space.
  • A Wohnwagon is more than a mobile home. It makes use of hitherto neglected space: our natural surroundings. The terrace, awning and large windows bring nature into your living room. Because your living area does not end at the front door!
  • We build our Wohnwagons at a small manufacturing facility in Lower Austria. The use of natural, sustainable materials and high-quality design means that our houses can be lived in year round. Long-lasting components, easy to repair, made by expert craftsmen – all this does not come cheap, but it translates into decades of satisfaction with your versatile home!
  • What it can do: Off-the-grid! Our Wohnwagon lets you be as independent as you want to be. Our sustainable solutions for power, water, and heating enable a self-sufficient and off-grid supply to your home, and they can also be used for other applications!

• A photovoltaic remote system with a large battery
• Hybrid solar/wood central heating system for heat and hot water supply
Composting toilet (dry separating toilet with terra preta compost)
• Water recycling systems with plant-based filtration

Credit: Wohnwagon


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