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Two stories tiny house on wheels
Built in New York City
Currently at Long Island City for viewing



  • 9’ ft x 23.5’ ft long
  • Includes an elevation system that raises the second floor by 4.5′ feet
  • 12.5′ feet when lowered
  • 17′ feet when raised
  • 6.5’ feet of clearance on the second floor
  • 4 windows on the first floor (2 for the living room, 1 for the kitchen, 1 for the
  • bathroom)
  • 8 windows on the second floor (3 for each bedroom and 2 in the center)
  • 170’ square feet for the first floor
  • 135’ square feet for the second floor
  • Altogether it is over 300 square feet of space
  • 2 bedrooms on the second floor
  • On the first floor, there is a living room, full kitchen, full bathroom with a
  • shower and compost toilet
  • Two kitchen cabinets above kitchen counter and sink
  • A barn-style sliding bathroom door
  • Staircase and storage under staircase
  • Fits a full-size fridge, stove, and pantry
  • Tiny house weight: 14,000 lbs

Built with water and electricity connections (can be hooked up to an extension cord and a hose)
Electric heater for instant hot water

Starts at $125,000.00

Credit: Tiny Houses NYC

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