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  • Fireplace with a traditional exposed black chimney vent
  • Castle-like spa bathroom with copper clawfoot soaking tub
  • Veneer slate tile lines
  • Arched pop out for the sink
  • Master loft
  • Spiral staircase
  • Arched windows and skylight

Specifications: 8’6” Wide, 13’6” Tall, 24’ Long

Approx cost to recreate: $138,000

About the Tudor Tiny House:

A hobbit and fantasy styled tiny home? Honestly, we were a little thrown off with this request but the more we dug into the design the more excited we got about it. Jenn James our client is a sweet and whimsical individual with a wild imagination and a dream to create a one of a kind unique tiny house like never before. From the exterior aesthetic to the interior design this house was like nothing we’ve ever done before but even with all the out of ordinary design choices it came together so nicely that we fell more in love with it each step of the way.

Credit: Tiny Heirloom

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