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Factors to Consider when Buying a Tiny House Trailer

1. Maximum Weight – Make sure to choose a tiny house trailer that can handle the maximum weight of your tiny house.

2. Maximum Width – Most of the trailers you can buy are 2.4m wide, but you can also find trailers which are 2.5m wide. If you’re looking to push your building out to the max, then you may want to go for this extra width.

3. Maximum Length – Think carefully about how much room you’d need. See if you can go for additional length for your trailer. Always check your local laws to find out what dimensions your tiny house can legally have.

4. Maximum Height – In general, it is easier to tow something that is less than 4.25m in height, as it is less likely to hit anything.

5. Braking System – Every tiny house trailer needs a proper braking system.

6. Tire System – A typical tiny house trailer has 2 axles or 4 tires. Each tire typically has a weight capacity of around 900 kg, which means a tiny house may have a capacity of 3600 kg.

7. Galvanized vs Painted – Consider going for galvanized steel (i.e., steel covered with a layer of zinc coating to protect it from rusting), as it has the benefits of lasting longer with less maintenance.

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