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Tiny House Living: Rural, Suburban, & Urban

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Rural tiny house living:


  • Using sustainable features like rainwater collection, composting toilet, etc. These amenities are more difficult to implement in an urban area.
  • Property freedom
  • More quiet and slow-paced life compared to urban living
  • Save money from permit fees such as property taxes and utility costs.


  • Oftentimes far from a job place, so a car is required along with a potentially longer commute.
  • Isolated from community activities.
  • Far from amenities and services like stores, gasoline station, etc.


Suburban tiny house living:


  • More access to public transportation than rural living
  • Opportunity live in a community and socialize with your neighbors
  • A tiny house community can share resources like a swimming pool, laundry facilities, etc. making them more affordable and efficient


  • Likely defenseless from natural disasters like hurricanes


Urban tiny house living:


  • Access to urban infrastructures like power, trash disposal, sewer, and water
  • Access to job opportunities
  • Convenient Access to services and amenities like schools, shopping, grocery stores, gyms, and libraries
  • Access to public transportation


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