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Tiny House Appliances

Tiny House Appliances

Home appliances are a necessity for every tiny house. What would people do without a refrigerator to keep their food cold? Imagine trying to prepare meals without a stove. It would be inconvenient.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tiny House Appliances

Factors to Consider When Buying Tiny House Appliances

Size – An appliance that is either too big or too small can affect the total space inside your tiny house.

Weight – As much as possible we want our tiny house to be lightweight, so we don’t want to fill it with heavy stuff.

Capacity – Check the capacity of an appliance. For example, a small refrigerator vs a medium refrigerator may determine how often you’d have to go to the grocery store.

Color – Choose a color that matches your tiny house design.


Tiny House Appliances To Check Out

Tiny House Appliances To Check Out

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