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Permanent Foundation (Pros and Cons)


  • Design flexibility – A permanent foundation can come in different sizes and shapes while giving the builder a high degree of design customization.
  • Traditional utility hook-ups – It’s likely to be more convenient
  • Residential – It’s more likely to be accepted for residential use.


  • Untransferable – If you decided to transfer locations, you could not get the little house with you, since it will be devoted to the land it is constructed on.
  • Expensive – Permanent foundation can be expensive, In addition to construction expenses, you may also need to buy the land where you place the tiny house.


Wheels (Pros and Cons)


  • Mobility – The most significant benefit of constructing a tiny house on a trailer is mobility it can be transferred anywhere, but a special travel permit may be needed.


  • Design limitation – Using a trailer limits the design to the dimensions of your chosen container.
  • Building code & zoning permit – In most places, it going to be an issue to a building code & zoning permit. This is because it is not legally reviewed as a structure.
  • RVIA certification – Some places may require to be certified by the “RVIA” Recreation Vehicle Industry Association and should follow RVIA standards need to be inspected for compliance.
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