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The Pallet House ( by I-Beam Architecture and Design) in New York, USA

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Photo courtesy of I-Beam Design


  • The house is 250 square feet house with a loft sleeping area.
  • It is a modular house that can be reconfigured, reused, recycled, and repurposed.
  • It can be insulated and clad with any local and indigenous material that is available, therefore it can blend into any location for anyone’s use.

According to UNHCR, there are over 65 million refugees and
Internally Displaced People in the world. There are over 2 billion wooden
shipping pallets in use each day according to the US Forest Service with
approximately 500 million recycled, repaired or discarded in landfills
each year. The fact that 20 million refugees could be housed with a year’s
supply of recycled American pallets and that within 3-4 years all refugees
can be housed provoked us to create the Pallet House Project.
The Pallet House is an inexpensive, efficient and easily realizable
solution to the problem of housing people displaced by natural disaster,
plague, famine, political and economic strife or war.

The principal building module is the wooden shipping pallet which is
versatile, recyclable, sustainable, easily assembled and inexpensive.
They are readily available in most countries and their transportation
cost and weight is negligible when used to carry shipments of clothing,
food, medical supplies or other relief aid. A simple pallet structure
evolves naturally from emergency shelter to permanent house with the
addition of more stable indigenous materials like rubble, stone, straw,
mud, plaster, and concrete.

A 250 square feet shelter which can house a family of 4 requires
approximately 100 pallets nailed or strapped together and lifted into
place. Corrugated plastic sheathing prevents water penetration
until other materials like stone, mud, earth, wood or corrugated metal
can be gathered to fill the wall cavities and cover exterior surfaces.
Pallets may also be pre-assembled with styrofoam insulation, vapor
barrier, plywood or corrugated sheathing prior to shipping. Plumbing
and wiring can also be incorporated into the cavity of the pallet and the
house can be powered by solar panels.

The pallet module provides great flexibility in terms of configuration,
allowing each family to build according to their own needs and size.
The Pallet House adapts to almost every climate on earth and the basic structure can be built in less than a week.

Credit: I-Beam Design

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