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The Mayflower (by Wind River Tiny Homes) in Tennessee, USA

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Photo Courtesy: Wind River Tiny Homes

The Mayflower by Wind River Tiny Homes is a tiny house named after the English ship that sailed to New England in the 1600’s. The original Mayflower had fore and aft “castles” to protect the crew and passengers from the elements during the journey across the Atlantic. The custom wood accents of this tiny home were built to shelter the modern explorer. The Mayflower features a variety of wooden cherry stained windows in several styles, awning and double-hung. Other custom carpentry includes Wind River Tiny Homes signature lily pad loft stairs, live-edge bathroom barn door, open kitchen shelving, hand built storage couch, custom fireplace, floating butcher block desk, loft storage, stairs, and more. The composting toilet and hybrid solar system provide additional independence and freedom for the Mayflower owner. Wind River Tiny Homes is a custom tiny home builder. They can build a version of the Mayflower that is all your own.



  • 30 amp hookup
  • 2.5kwh solar power system
  • Mini Split A/C with Heat Pump
  • Tankless propane water heater
  • Custom fireplace and built-in storage


  • Dutch in-swing split door
  • Hand built storage couch
  • Double loft 10′ and 7′
  • Signature lily pad loft stairs
  • Storage loft stairs + inset wash/dryer combo
  • Floating office shelves and butcher block desk


  • Live-edge bathroom barn door
  • Tile-surround soaking tub
  • Nature’s Head composting toilet


  • Brushed nickel hardware
  • Butcher block fold-out table
  • Shaker kitchen cabinets dark walnut stained open shelves
  • Dark walnut stained open shelves
  • Farmhouse Sink
  • Sea glass backsplash
  • 20″ propane gas range


  • 30′ tiny home
  • Floating fold up porch
  • Aluminum clad windows cherry stained interior
  • LP SmartSide lap siding
  • Copper light sconces

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