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Welcome to the web's most comprehensive collection of curated tiny house resources! We spent hours scouring and curating the internet so you don't have to. Here, you can find useful information about tiny homes, ranging from tiny house builders around the world to tiny house blogs, stores, parks, etc. If you'd like your link to be included on Tiny House Citizens, you're welcome to reach out to us.

tiny house plans for sale
tiny house plans for sale
Jamaica Cottage Shop

Tiny House Builders, Designers, & Consultants

Find tiny house builders, designers, & consultants from around the world, listed by country. Get a practical perspective from professionals on living in a tiny space.

Tiny House Parks & Communities

Locate tiny house parks and communities you can potentially join. Tiny house villages often share land, time, skills, support, and other resources.

Tiny House Plans

Whether you're looking for free tiny house plans, tiny house plans on wheels, or tiny house plans under 1000 square feet, you can get them from multiple online vendors.

Tiny Houses For Sale

Don't want to build your own tiny house? You can buy a fully built tiny house instead!

Tiny Houses For Rent

Curious to find out if tiny living is for you? Then you should rent a tiny house for a few days! Go on a tiny home vacation alone or with your family.

Tiny House Events Courses & Workshop

Looking to jumpstart your tiny house journey? Then you should consider joining a course or immersive workshop to learn all about the tiny house lifestyle, including codes/zoning, construction, financing, insurance, working with contractors, off-grid systems, etc.

Tiny House Building Codes & Zones

Tiny house building codes & zoning regulations can be confusing and vary according to location. The resources here will point you in the right direction.

Tiny House Films

Watch videos about tiny houses, minimalism, micro-living, and living with a less-is-more mentality. Track the Tiny House revolution and learn from other people's journeys through these films.

Tiny House Books, Ebooks & Guides

Tiny house books discuss a wide range of topics: from building plans and construction guides to decorating tips and tips for decluttering.

Tiny House Insurers

Find insurance brokers for tinys on wheels, foundations, skids, DIY tiny houses, rental occupied tiny houses, tiny house communities, RVIA, and more.

Tiny House Financing

Securing the financing and funding needed to build or buy a tiny house.

Tiny House Volunteer Opportunities

Many tiny house communities provide homeless individuals with a stable housing environment and community support. Find out how you can help at these organizations while gaining practical experience building tiny homes.

Tiny House Blogs

Thinking of making a life change and taking the plunge into micro-living? Get inspiration and ideas from other people around the world who have done it and written about their experiences.

Tiny House Stores

Have trouble finding furnishings and gear that are suited for a tiny home? Here is a list of online stores selling products, appliances, and supplies aimed at tiny home dwellers.

tiny house plans for sale
tiny house plans for sale
Jamaica Cottage Shop

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