Tiny Studio Tiny House Plan by Tiny Home Builders


House Length: 20′
Exterior Width: 8′ (base), 8’6″ (widest point)
Interior Width: 7’3″
Interior Height: 9’11”
Main Room: 10’7″ x 7’3″
Kitchen: 5’6″ x 7’3″
Bathroom: 3′ x 7’3″
Storage Loft: 3′ x 7’3″
Height Under Storage Loft: 7′
Storage Loft Height: 2’5″
Road Height: 13’3″

All measurement are approximate


The ‘Tiny Studio Tiny House Plan by Tiny Home Builders’ includes a more modern and open layout design of a tiny house. The kitchen and dining area is located on a raised platform at one end of the house. The pull out bed is located under the raised platform and it can be used also as seating when pushed in. For more information, kindly visit the Tiny Home Builders’ website here.

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