The Salsa Box Tiny House Plans


Trailer detail (including bolt hole connections, framing and axle placement, and thermal break detail)
Detailed framing elevations for all sides
Floor framing plan
Full roof framing schedule
“Hold Down” schedule
Detailed roof and wall insulation detail
Rain screen detail
Flashing detail
Window installation detail (including one skylight and two operable windows for cross ventilation)
Floor plan including a double bed with an optional children’s bunk
Exterior finish detail
Detail for 3’ fold-down porch and 3’ folding living roof (both are removable)


The Salsa Box Tiny House Plans is a 93 sq ft tiny house, the design is portable and yet durable at an affordable cost that has a lot of amenities. The new material cost can be achieved for as little as $8,000 – including the trailer!

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