The Rooke Tiny House Plans by Humble Homes


Exterior Details
Footprint: 7′-8″ x 20′
Total Area: 216 sq ft
House Height (exc trailer): 11′-8″

Interior Details
Living Area: 7′ x 9′-7″
Bathroom: 7′ x 2′-8″
Loft: 7′ x 9′-9″
Kitchen: 7′ x 11′
Ceiling Height – Kitchen: 6′-9″
Ceiling Height – Loft: 3′-3″

Self-Build Cost: $21,500


The Rooke Tiny House Plans has a huge living room that features two (2) floor-to-ceiling closet units and two (2) shelving units, creating plenty of storage space. Construction and Architectural plans are included in the Rooke tiny house plans, detailing of rooms, door and window locations.

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