The BRV2 Tiny House Plans by Humble Homes


Exterior Details
Footprint: 7′-8″ x 21′
Total Area: 235 sq ft
House Height (exc trailer): 11′-5″

Interior Details
Living Area: 7′ x 5′
Bathroom: 7′ x 2′-8″
Kitchen: 7′ x 5′-4″
Loft: 8′ x 7′
Ceiling Height – Bedroom: 6′-10″
Ceiling Height – Loft: 3′-0″

Self-Build Cost: $24,500


The BRV2 Tiny House Plans has a living room that features a large operable window to provide natural light and ventilation. In the design, the tiny house has a ceiling height of 6′-10″ and exposed loft joists, it makes space feels both spacious and warm. For more information, visit their website here.

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