The Athru Tiny House Plans by Humble Homes


Exterior Details

Footprint: 8′ x 20′
Total Area: 124 sq ft
House Height (exc trailer): 10′

Interior Details

Living Area: 7′ x 8′-9″
Bathroom: 7′ x 2′-6″
Bedroom: 7′ x 8′-9″
Kitchen: 7′ x 7′-0″
Ceiling Height – Living: 9′
Ceiling Height – Kitchen: 7′

Self-Build Cost: $23,500


The Athrú (meaning to change or alter) is a unique tiny house. This tiny home has been designed to make a tiny house living a comfortable option for someone who may not be able to access a sleeping loft. The bed is concealed under the raised kitchen platform to maximize the available floor area. For more information, visit their website here.

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