Miter Box Tiny House Plans


The Miter Box Tiny House Plan was designed on the concept of modern, energy-efficiency-focused tiny houses. It has an area of 122 square feet on the main floor and an additional 28 square foot of sleeping loft.


Trailer specification and connection detail (including wheel wells)
Detailed technical insulation envelope system (including insulation schedule)
Framing details & diagrams for the floor, trailer, windows, doors, walls, lofts, and roof
Flashing detail (for both standing seam metal and wood options as shown on the original model)
Full electrical diagram
Full plumbing diagram (for flushing toilet) including wastewater plan and “wet bath” design
Metal “hold downs” schedule
Optional custom trailer jack placement
Elevation views for all exterior and interior sides
Gable end cantilever design details
Appliance and equipment schedule and/or suggestions
An interior floor plan option including a double bed on the main floor and two lofts

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