Cider Box Tiny House Plans


The Cider Box Tiny House is a great design for small families and for couples because it can house a two separate sleeping lofts, a full kitchen, and space for laundry.

The main loft is accessed through the stairs that can also be used as storage compartments, rather than being just a ladder. The kitchen includes space for a four-burner stove and a counter with bar seating.


Plans for a 20’ & 24’ longhouse, both 8.5’ wide, with eaves that extend to 9′-11.5″
Detailed interior and exterior elevation drawings for all sides
Detailed trailer connection instructions
Wall framing elevations
Roof framing plans
Cross sections of the wall, roof, and floor
Structural fastener details
Framing package design
Window and door schedule
A built-in exterior utility hub with space for electrical panel, water heater, and propane tank to fit out-of-sight
Suggested floor plan with appliance placement suggestions, double loft placements, full kitchen, space for laundry machines, a bar seating area with counter, and lots of creative storage solutions
An energy efficient design
Room for bathroom sink in 24’ model
Egress window in 24’ model (so it can be RV certified)

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