Bunk Box Tiny House Plans


The Bunk Box Tiny House Plan is a unique modern design of a tiny house because of the wall framing and electrical are visible in the interior of the house.

The Bunk Box Tiny House was built on a 16-foot trailer, it has an area of 125 square feet on the main floor, plus an additional 72 square feet sleeping loft.


Detailed interior and exterior elevation drawings for all sides
Trailer connection details
Wall framing elevations
Roof framing plans
Cross sections of wall, roof, and floor
Details for corners, windows, the door
Suggested materials list for siding and framing
Product details on the sink, shower, tankless water heater, bath fan, and composting toilet used in the photos shown.
A basic electrical plan
A thoroughly energy efficient design. These plans include details for a unique, full R7 thermally broken floor assembly that could effectively host radiant floor heat (most floors would lose radiant heat warmth through contact with the metal trailer), but please note that radiant heat floor products or installation instructions are not a part of these plans.

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