Apple Blossom Cottage


Square Footage192 sq/ft
Overall Dimensions13’8” W x 17’2” L x 10’6” H
Recommended Foundation6-8” of crushed gravel
FloorTwo 6x6x16’ Hemlock Skids 2x6 Rough Sawn Hemlock Floor Framing 24” on center 3/4” CDX Plywood Flooring 1x6 Rough Sawn Hemlock Decking on Porch 4x12 Porch with 12x12 Interior Space
Walls4x4 Hemlock Post and Beam 82-1/2” Wall Height
Doors Single 3-0 JCS-built Pine Door
WindowsTwo 3x2 eight-light hinged Barn Sash
Roof2x6 Rough Sawn Hemlock Rafters 24” on center 4/12 Gable Roof Pitch Green Corrugated Metal Roofing
Siding1” Rough Sawn Pine Board & Batten Siding 1” Rough Sawn Pine Trim includes Corner Boards, Door & Window Trim 2” Rough Sawn Pine Trim for Fascia & Shadow
Interior Sheathing-
Kit Weight-
Shipping Cube Size-

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