Terraform One (by Terraform Tiny Homes)

  Photo courtesy of Terraform Tiny Homes   The Terraform One tiny house (T1) is the perfect home for the individual, couple, or family who wants to live the tiny house life, but not gives up all the comforts of a larger home. Highlights: Modern; Minimalist;...

Denali XL (by Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

  Photo courtesy of Timber Craft Tiny Homes   Highlights: Timbercraft Tiny Homes' Denali, has been made bigger and quite possibly better with the release of the Denali XL. Floor space: 400 sq ft. (37 sq. m.) High-quality finish Lenght: 42ft. (12.8m) long Largest model...

Tudor Tiny House (by Tiny Heirloom)

    Photo courtesy of Tiny Heirloom   Features: Fireplace with a traditional exposed black chimney vent Castle-like spa bathroom with copper clawfoot soaking tub Veneer slate tile lines Arched pop out for the sink Master loft Spiral staircase Arched windows and...


8 Hacks To Maximize your Tiny Living Space

      Select low-sitting furniture to create an illusion of bigger vertical space. Paint your tiny house in white, as white makes everything look more prominent and neat. Use the space under the stairs for storage. The area under the stairs can use to create a small...

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Snails Away (by Carpenter Owl)

Photo courtesy of Carpenter Owl Highlights: Length: 16' Width: 8.5' Height: 13.5' Trailer length including tongue: +15" Weight: Approximately 7,500 Pounds Price: $60,000 Special features of Snails Away Tiny House The lumber for the home was milled on the family land...

Portal Design (by The Tiny House Company)

  Photo courtesy of Tiny House Company   Highlights: 'PORTAL' is our flagship design, featuring high-end detailing and fixtures, a modular demountable deck system, a custom-designed retractable bed and custom cabinetry between a grid of 'portal' frames. Continuous...


8 Beautiful Treehouses You can Rent

1. The Luna Loft Treehouse Rate: $294.25/night Location: Flintstone, Georgia Key Features: Full climate control, kitchenette & bathroom in the treehouse, ultra-fast internet [more information] 2. Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow Rate: $159/night Location: Haleiwa,...

Custom Outlander Tiny House

      Photo courtesy of Tiny House Chattanooga     Highlights: Length: 24' bumper pull Width: 8' 6" Roof Height: 13' 6" Trailer length including tongue:+4' Interior ceiling heights:10' 6" Weight: 13,500 lbs Framing Type: Steel Approx sq.ft. (w/ & w/o loft space):w/...

36ft. Tiny Home With Two Slide-outs

    Photo courtesy of Mint Tiny Homes   This gorgeous board and batten tiny home is a great option for a holiday home or a full-time family! With two slide-outs, this home allows for a downstairs bedroom with closet space, and a full-size living room! Compete with...

Independent Series 4800

    Photo courtesy of Designer Eco Tiny Homes   Independent Series includes kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining, sleeping area and ample storage. It contains all you need for permanent living or other options like holiday rental/Air B&B, guest house or extra space for a...

Maringotka Design

      Photo courtesy of Miramari   Their project of the Maringotka (trailer/caravan/mobile home) is designed for those who are looking for something new, unusual and want to be at one with nature. For those who do not need an unnecessary amount of square meters and...

19 Incredible Tiny Houses You can Rent on Airbnb now!

Tiny house airbnb will give you the experience of what is like when living in a tiny house before buying or building your tiny house, we compiled some of our favorite tiny houses available on Airbnb that you can rent now! 1. The Glass House: A Hudson Valley Tiny Home...

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