The Vos Model – The Bunkie Co

Photo Courtesy of The Bunkie Co. Highlights No permit required to build this 106 sqft bunkie Furnishings that blend into the walls: fireplace, wall bed, storage, tables, and chairs. Unlimited use: Art or music studio, s(he) shed, pool house, home office, spare room...

Rustic Loft Edition 30 Ft

    Photos courtesy of Mint Tiny Homes Credit: Mint Tiny Homes Designed for functional use, this 30ft tiny home is extremely user friendly and cozy as can be! With a spacious living area (Room for a sectional sofa) and two full size lofts, not only can you live tiny,...

The Farmhouse – Liberation Tiny Homes

Photos courtesy of Liberation Tiny Homes The layout is simple, yet modern and sophisticated. The aesthetic is defined by beauty and we use a certain set of materials and design. Includes: Custom length trailer from 12' to 32' long Siding Roofing Flooring Cabinets...


Compact Appliances

Home »      Tiny House Appliances Tiny House Appliances Home appliances are a necessity for every tiny house. What would people do without a refrigerator to keep their food cold? Imagine trying to prepare meals without a stove. It would be inconvenient. Factors to...

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Tudor Tiny House (by Tiny Heirloom)

    Photo courtesy of Tiny Heirloom   Features: Fireplace with a traditional exposed black chimney vent Castle-like spa bathroom with copper clawfoot soaking tub Veneer slate tile lines Arched pop out for the sink Master loft Spiral staircase Arched windows and...

Denali XL (by Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

  Photo courtesy of Timber Craft Tiny Homes   Highlights: Timbercraft Tiny Homes' Denali, has been made bigger and quite possibly better with the release of the Denali XL. Floor space: 400 sq ft. (37 sq. m.) High-quality finish Lenght: 42ft. (12.8m) long Largest model...


A Guide To Tiny House Communities

Home »  photo from Orlando Lake Front Table of Contents TOPIC ONE: The Tiny House Movement TOPIC TWO: Tiny House Communities TOPIC THREE: Starting Your Tiny House Community TOPIC ONE: The Tiny House Movement TOPIC TWO: Joining An Existing Tiny House Community TOPIC...

Comprehensive Guide to the Best Tiny House Books

Home »    Whether you’re a tiny house novice, a seasoned tiny house dweller, or are simply interested in the tiny house movement, there are many best tiny books out there you might want to check out. Tiny house books discuss a variety of topics, ranging from tiny...

Why People Live in Tiny Houses

Home »      Table of Contents Why people live in a tiny house 5 reasons why we live in a tiny house There are many reasons why people live in a tiny house. Here are a few: 1. Learning to let go - A tiny house is typically lightweight, with the towing capacity of a...

10 Benefits of Living in a Tiny House

Home »    I love Tiny House, I watched every new show featuring this unique style of living in a tiny house: Tiny House Big Living, Tiny House Nation, and Tiny House Hunters. I also love seeing the different ways they’re designed and decorated to be perfect for their...

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