Graduate Series 6000DL

    Photos courtesy of Designer Eco Tiny Homes   Graduate Series 6000DL Permanent living or weekend retreat, our Graduate Series offers everything you need. Packed with great features including our unique storage stairs, kitchen, bathroom, living/dining area, king...


    Highlights: BASIC SPECIFICATIONS Exterior length: 4.67m/15.32ft Exterior width: 2.20m/7.22ft Exterior height: 2.50m/8.20ft Height with the wind turbine pole extended: 4.50m/14.76ft Dry Weight: 1350kg/2976lb Weight with full water tanks: 1650kg/3638lb Weight with...

Traveler XL Tiny House – Escape Homes

    Photo Courtesy of Escape Homes Basic Package- all of this is included Low-E, thermopane windows Cedar lap siding and Corten style metal siding w/unique trim Panel-Loc Plus metal roofing w/40 yr warranty Full light entry door Folding steps Lots of storage Aluminum...


5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy In A Tiny House

Home »  1. Cat’s space - If you own a cat, consider integrating cat-sized features into your home, such as a cat patio. 2. Install windows with pet-approved views - Your cat/dog could stare out the window for hours on end, keeping them happy. 3. Design your steps for...

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Denali XL (by Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

  Photo courtesy of Timber Craft Tiny Homes   Highlights: Timbercraft Tiny Homes' Denali, has been made bigger and quite possibly better with the release of the Denali XL. Floor space: 400 sq ft. (37 sq. m.) High-quality finish Lenght: 42ft. (12.8m) long Largest model...

Terraform One (by Terraform Tiny Homes)

  Photo courtesy of Terraform Tiny Homes   The Terraform One tiny house (T1) is the perfect home for the individual, couple, or family who wants to live the tiny house life, but not gives up all the comforts of a larger home. Highlights: Modern; Minimalist;...


Benefits of using Composting Toilet in a Tiny House

Home »      BENEFITS OF USING COMPOSTING TOILET IN A TINY HOUSE BENEFITS OF USING COMPOSTING TOILET IN A TINY HOUSE Composting toilets help tiny house residents recycle human waste. After water is evaporated from the waste product through the toilet’s vent, the solid...

Compact Appliances

Home »      Tiny House Appliances Tiny House Appliances Home appliances are a necessity for every tiny house. What would people do without a refrigerator to keep their food cold? Imagine trying to prepare meals without a stove. It would be inconvenient. Factors to...

7 Factors to Consider when Buying a Tiny House Trailer

Home »  Factors to Consider when Buying a Tiny House Trailer 1. Maximum Weight - Make sure to choose a tiny house trailer that can handle the maximum weight of your tiny house. 2. Maximum Width - Most of the trailers you can buy are 2.4m wide, but you can also find...

Tips on How to Build your Tiny House on a Budget

Home »          Tips to build your Tiny House on a budget: 1. Do all the labor work yourself. Watch YouTube videos to help you build your tiny house. Ask your friends for help. 2. Learn to love second-hand materials. Check out your local second-hand building supply...

Common Mistakes People Make when Building a Tiny House

Home »  Common mistakes people make when building a tiny house List of mistakes that people encounter during the building process Poor Planning Wrong Trailer size Incorrect measurement of windows and doors Using Heavy Materials Local Building Code Violation Pros and...

Advantages Off-The-Grid Tiny House Living

Home »    Advantages off the grid tiny house living - tiny house citizens way   What is Off-the-grid Living? What is Off-the-grid Living? Living off-the-grid has its own unique definitions for every individual. Basically, living off-the-grid means you are not relying...

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