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Choosing the right ways to cool your tiny house:

    • Ceiling Fans and Desk Fans – A budget-friendly way to cool off your home!
    • Roof Vent Fans – Roof vent fans can be easily be installed on your roof. They use minimal power. At night, they pull cool air into your tiny home, while the warm air gets pushed out through the vent fans.
    • Window-Type AC Unit – The most affordable, hassle-free and popular option would be installing an air-conditioner unit. You can buy the window-type that is energy-efficient and easily installed.
    • Roof-Mounted AC unit – This option provides an “out-of-sight” set-up to minimize clashing with your home’s interior decoration.
    • Splits – A mini-split is another good option for your tiny house. The mini-split is easy to install and has a more “premium” feel than a traditional air conditioner.

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