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Common Mistakes People Make when Building a Tiny House

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Common mistakes people make when building a tiny house

List of mistakes that people encounter during the building process

  • Poor Planning
  • Wrong Trailer size
  • Incorrect measurement of windows and doors
  • Using Heavy Materials
  • Local Building Code Violation

Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Tiny House


  • Inexpensive – Building your own tiny house can save you a lot of money in labor costs.
  • Learn New Skills – You can learn new practical skills while building your tiny house.
  • Feel Happy – Many owner builders report a deep sense of accomplishment building their homes..
  • Mortgage Freedom – You probably don’t need to borrow money to build your tiny house, so technically you have no added debt.
  • Personalization – Owner builders can put a very personal touch into the home.
  • Self-Repair– You’ll become familiar with every nut and bolt of your tiny house and have the skills to repair and change things.
  • Controllable Expenses – Since the owner-builder often pays for everything out-of-pocket as they go, expenses are naturally controlled.
  • Custom Design – Owner builders are in full control of the design of their home.


  • Time-Consuming– A tiny house will take a lot of time to build on your own.
  • Physically-Demanding Work – You need a lot of physical stamina.
  • Emotionally-Draining Work – Building your own tiny house is a stressful experience.
  • Low Quality Craftsmanship – The quality of an owner-built home may be lower than a professionally-built home.
  • Unknown Total Cost – When owner builders start a plan of building a tiny house usually they only have a rough idea what the house will cost. It is no uncommon for the initial budget to be exceeded.
  • Poor Design – Especially if owner builders are not good at design in the first place.

When you are planning to build your own Tiny House you can avoid all the problem during the process by creating a solid plan and gathering all the necessary resources for your tiny house.

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