This delightful design has all the goodies. Its steep roof pitch and high ceiling create a spacious interior feel full of character.
Price: $5,776.00
Admin, Tiny House Citizens
9 October 2018

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Photograph by Jamaica Cottage Shop
This delightful design has all the goodies. Its steep roof pitch and high ceiling create a spacious interior feel full of character.

With the full 8’ walls and generous loft, this cozy shanty has more to offer than meets the eye. The generous 6-foot porch comes standard and runs the entire length of the building creating magical exterior space as well.

All these features together make the Homesteader a staff favorite. Space would lend wonderfully to a country store, tiny living, pond house, playhouse, hunting cabin, office, workshop, art studio, or backyard retreat.

Rugged post and beam techniques passed down through the centuries are used to construct this durable delightful dwelling, reminiscent of old New England. All Jamaica Cottage Shop products are built from finest Vermont lumber and handcrafted for long life and durability and proven to stand the test of time and strength.

Price $5,776.00
Square Footage 256 sq/ft; 160 sq/ft Interior; 96 sq/ft Porch
Overall Dimensions 17’2” W x 16’ 8” L x 14’ 9” H
Recommended Foundation 6”-8” Crushed Gravel
Floor Three 6x6x16’ Hemlock Skids 2x6 Hemlock Floor Framing; 24” on center 3/4” CDX Plywood Interior Floor Decking Base Floor Weight Rating: 25 lbs sq/ft
Walls 4x4 Post & Beam Wall Framing 96” Wall Heights
Doors (1) Single 3-0 JCS-built rough sawn Pine Door, no window, no ramp; right-hand in-swing
Windows Two 3x2 eight-lite Hinged Barn Sash Windows One 2x2 six-lite Hinged Barn Sash Window in Loft
Roof 2x6 Rough Sawn Hemlock Rafters; 24” on Center 1x4 rough sawn Strapping; 20” on Center on Rear 12/12 Gable Roof Pitch 1x6 Rough Sawn Hemlock Exposed Collar Ties Metal
Siding 1” Pine Board and Batten 1” Rough Sawn Pine Trim includes Corner boards, Door & Window Trim 2” Rough Sawn Pine Trim includes Fascia & Shadow Trim
Kit Weight approx 7000lbs
Shipping Cube Size 42”x50”x192” 42”x48”x120”
Assembly Time approx Two People, 40 hours
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