Grizzly is the mama-bear of tiny homes. Designed with families in mind, this home has storage galore with both lofted and first-floor bedrooms.

Price: $40,000.00

Admin, Tiny House Citizens

9 October 2018

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Photograph by Backcountry Tiny Homes

Grizzly is the mama-bear of tiny homes. Designed with families in mind, this home has storage galore with both lofted and first-floor bedrooms. The warmth and openness of this home will leave you ready for your next adventure! Have pets? Have dreams to live off-grid? We can customize any of our Mountain Series tiny homes to cater to any of your design needs!

What makes this home family friendly?

  • There is an option to sleep up to (6) people! There is a master loft for (2), secondary loft for (2), downstairs bedroom for (1), as well as a large custom couch that is convertible into a guest space for (1).
  • Safety! When accessing the secondary loft there are railings and a full safety net to protect against any accidental falls. The net wall also lets in the light and ventilation without sacrificing safety. The homeowners have their own furniture that will act as a safety wall in the other loft.
  • Storage. The custom stairs and ladder combo allow for hanging clothes, over 13 bins/drawers for storage, and houses a vented washer dryer combo unit. The couch itself has massive storage bins below it that can dual as additional seating when guests are over. There are (2) outdoor sheds for additional storage space and even the fridge has extra storage below it. Above their future TV area is more overhead storage for anything the homeowner needs. The lofts are large enough for clients to add their own dressers or additional clothing storage without sacrificing mattress or living space.
  • Full-sized appliances. The home comes with a full sized fridge/freezer along with an oven, cooktop, vented W/D unit, mini-split, and microwave among other things. The bathroom has a plumbed toilet and a standard size shower at 36″ x 36″.
  • The paints, insulation, and wood products used are low VOC. The insulation itself is sound dampening and is an all natural wool product with a high insulation R-value.
  • HRV. We wanted to make sure that with over 16 beings in the home that we provided proper ventilation. This home comes with an HRV (heat recovery ventilator) as well as 4 other points of ventilation in the home.
  • Full sized couch. The couch itself was designed to have at least (3) people on it at once. It’s a large and comfortable sitting space that is the size of a twin mattress. Homeowners can easily change out the color of the cushion by using fitted sheets making it easy to clean and ideal for families!

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Other tech specs:

  • Model of home: Grizzly
  • Length of home: 30-ft
  • Width of home: 8.5-ft
  • Travel height: 13.5-ft
  • GVR: 21,000-lb (triple 7K axles)
  • Interior aesthetic:
    • Dark walnut ceiling finishes along with white tongue and groove walls. The accent walls are beetle-kill blue stain pine while the floor is a multi-plank click and lock vinyl for durability.
  • Exterior aesthetic:
    • Teak stained and sealed cedar tongue and groove with dark brown and fern green metal accents.
  • The layout and aesthetic can be completely customized to any homeowner or family to fit and meet their needs!

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