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Essential Tools for Remodeling Your Tiny Bathroom

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Remodeling a tiny bathroom requires planning, patience, and the right tools. You should take the time to plan your moves step-by-step so that you won’t have any trouble down the line. That way, you’ll know what materials to get, and you won’t have to interrupt the project halfway through just because you forgot one tiny thing.

Settle down on a design that you like and fits your skill set. If you want something a little more complicated than what you can realistically achieve on your own, you might want to contact a specialist. Or, at least, a friend to give you a helping hand.

Simple bathroom makeover

Let’s say your main goal is to change the look a little and add a few things. Maybe you’ve found a new shelf for your shampoo and other cleaning products. Or maybe you’ve found a bigger mirror that you want to place above the sink.

The essential tools you will need are:

  • – Power drill
  • – Stud finder
  • – Goggles
  • – Gloves
  • – Measurement tape
  • – An extension cord, in case the drill isn’t battery-powered

If you want to mount a new shelf, you’re going to use a drill. However, you should do your research beforehand. Not all drills and drill bits are created equally. Sometimes you may need to figure out what is the best drill bit for porcelain tile before starting your home improvement project. Don’t forget to factor in torque, weight, and battery life, as well.

Asking a specialist or getting your information from niche sites is essential. You don’t want to use the wrong drill bit for the wrong job. Otherwise, your costs will rise, and you will have wasted a lot of precious time.

But before you even get started on your new project, you should measure the area to determine if your new shelf or mirror will fit properly. Once you’re done with that, get your tools ready. Use the stud finder in case you’re dealing with drywall. If you don’t hook up the mirror or shelf properly, you’ll find that the wall will fall along with them.

You’ll have to wear goggles and gloves because you will be dealing with a lot of dust. Be prepared to clean a huge mess after you’ve installed your new furniture.

Other tools for more complicated tasks

Now let’s say you want to remodel the entire bathroom completely. Apart from the tools mentioned earlier, you might also need, depending on the situation:

  • – Hammer
  • – Caulking gun
  • – Silicone sealant
  • – Spackle knife and spackle
  • – Pry bar
  • – Chisel
  • – Adjustable wrench
  • – Hacksaw

Use the hammer to demolish old bathroom fixtures that you want to replace. In some cases, you might also need a pry bar or a chisel. To install the new tiles, you must first smooth out the surface where you’ll put them. Use the spackle to do so.

Next, put silicone sealant or another sticky material on the surface where your new tiles will be and insert them correctly. Use a caulking gun to cover the space between the tiles, so that everything looks nice and tidy.

In case you want to install a new toilet, you need first to drain it to avoid any spillage. Remove the insulation from your walls where necessary. For a shower or tub replacement, you’ll want to pick a pan or basin that fits your new decor, as well as space where your current tub sits.

The process of installing a shower or tub isn’t necessarily hard, but it’s tricky. You have to look out for bumps on the floor or see if the water has damaged the subfloor where you will be installing your new fixture. It’s best to leave it to a specialist if you’re not sure how to identify these things accurately. Doing it wrong will only net you more costs in the future.

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