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  • Length: 33′ (26’+7′ goose)
  • Width: 8′ 6″
  • Roof Height: 13′ 6″
  • Trailer length including tongue: +15″
  • Interior ceiling heights: 10′ 6″
  • Weight: 16,750 lbs
  • Framing Type: Steel

Approx sq.ft. (w/ & w/o loft space): w/ 328 : w/o 264
Approx cost to recreate: $96,000

Special features:

(and/or materials used in build (appliances, materials, utilities, etc)

This house has Quality Edge metal siding, 2 9,000 BTU mini split units, and an on-demand water heater. The bedroom, which is slightly lofted to create a play area underneath for their toddler, has a custom-made king size bed with storage space and a door for privacy. The bathroom has a 66″ 2 people cast iron bathtub, standard flush toilet, vanity w/ sink and washer/dryer combo unit concealed in custom cabinets.

Credit: Tiny House Chattanooga

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