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Thinking of Building Your Own Tiny House?

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  • What Kind of Tiny House?
    Your tiny home could be a shipping container, a trailer, a yurt, a cabin, a converted school bus, van, tree house etc. It could be built on wheels or on land in your best friend’s backyard. Decide what configuration best suits your lifestyle.
  • Zoning Laws
    Check the existing zoning laws where you want your tiny house to be built. Zoning is different depending on your location. Most of the tiny house designs are built on wheels (a trailer) to get away with the law. Knowing the zoning law in your area will help you avoid potential mistakes in the future.
  • Less tuff
    Ask yourself if you can live comfortably with less material things. The common reason why people choose to live tiny is to reduce the material things that they possess.
  • Plan Your Design
    Every inch of the tiny house space matters so tiny house plans is important. With careful and smart planning, a tiny house with a 120 square-feet area can feel larger than a conventional home. You can also design your tiny house with off-grid or on-the-grid features.
  • The Budget
    Determine the funding source and set the budget that you can afford. For some, financing options include saving money or borrowing from friends and family. You can keep your tiny house cost low without compromising comfort.
  • The Building Process
    Have the basic knowledge to build something from scratch and know where to begin. A typical building process starts on the outside, including framing the tiny house, walls, doors, windows, and roof. Get familiar with common building tools and materials.

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