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Tiny House Citizens is a blog about the tiny house lifestyle. Our mission is to unite tiny house enthusiasts worldwide in their quest for simpler and more meaningful lives. We believe simplicity and minimalism, and living tiny are the key to freedom, health, happiness, and environmental sustainability. Less is more.

We believe there are many alternative and affordable housing options. We’re hoping this blog and the content we share everyday will inspire you to think outside the box.
We share our passion for tiny and small homes via this blog and a free email newsletter. Join our free email newsletter to get tips and inspiration on tiny house design and living! Just provide your email in the form below.
We enjoy sharing inspiring and thought-provoking stories about tiny homes and minimalist living. We also feature beautiful tiny home designs from tiny house builders around the country.
Make sure to check out our cool infographics while you’re here. They take about a minute to read and are meant to give you some quick tips and ideas on managing a tiny house lifestyle. Hopefully, you’d find them valuable and can use these quick infographics as a jumping-off point for further research.
Our Resources page is a comprehensive collection of the most useful tiny house living resources available on the web. This popular blog post, for example, summarizes all the books written about tiny houses to help you decide on a resource that’s useful for your journey. Another popular article of ours provides information about tiny house communities around the world.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything else you’d like to see on this website!


The Zen Tiny house (by sowelo) in Australia

TINY HOUSES FOR SALE The Zen Tiny House The Zen Tiny house is 7m long x 2.5 wide x 4.250mm high at the highest end of the skillion roof. Downstairs 16.8m2 upstairs loft 7.68m2. Price: $85000 incl GST plus fully off grid solar system priced $9500 incl GST. Admin, Tiny...

Lilas (by Minimaliste) in Canada

TINY HOUSES FOR SALE Lilas It is always an honor to be able to create tiny houses for our clients. Here is the Lilas, a model of 10.5 X 34.5 ft released directly from our factory in 2018! Primarily inspired by our Chêne model that was used as a cottage, this unit is...

Magnolia (by Minimaliste) in Canada

TINY HOUSES FOR SALE Magnolia With a wingspan of 10.5 x 34.5 feet, The Magnolia is considered a ‘’park model’’ size tiny house. It was built to withstand northern Ontario weather and is inspired by our Ébène and Laurier models. Price: $129,500 CAN Admin, Tiny House...

Sakura (by Minimaliste) in Canada

TINY HOUSES FOR SALE Sakura The Sakura is another high performance achievement of Minimaliste. It is designed (again) entirely tailor-made and according to the needs of the client, this micro-house is distinguished mainly by its storage spaces... Price: $125,000 CAN...

tiny house plans for sale
tiny house plans for sale
tiny house plans for sale
tiny house plans for sale

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