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Tiny House Citizens is a blog about the tiny house lifestyle. Our mission is to unite tiny house enthusiasts worldwide in their quest for simpler and more meaningful lives. We believe simplicity and minimalism, and living tiny are the key to freedom, health, happiness, and enrironmental sustainability. Less is more.

Tiny homes are relatively affordable. They cost just a fraction of the price of traditional homes. If you pay for your home in cash, you can live mortgage-free and focus on having meaningful life experiences.
Tiny houses lessen your environmental impact. You can use recycled or salvaged materials to build your tiny house. You can opt for solar or wind resources to power your house. The energy needs of tiny spaces are much smaller than the energy needs of a traditional home.
Tiny spaces force you to declutter your life. They make you re-evaluate what’s really important to you. Do you really need all of these material possessions to be happy? You start to think about only keeping the meaningful and necessary things.
You can travel while living in a tiny house. Just hitch it to a truck and drive it to places you’d like to go. Depending on how your tiny house is built, you can either choose to live off-the-grid (think solar or wind power) or park your house in dedicated plots of land or RV/mobile home parking where there are power and water hookups.
You can spend less time cleaning/tidying.


How Tiny Houses Help the Homeless

How Tiny Houses Help the Homeless

Many tiny house communities provide a safe and secure home for the homeless. Tiny house communities often provide the homeless with more than just a home; they help the homeless get back on their feet again by supporting them on their housing and employment...

tiny house plans for sale
tiny house plans for sale
tiny house plans for sale
tiny house plans for sale

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