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8 Tiny House Living Myths

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  • Less stuff equals less time cleaning. Like an ordinary home, a tiny house can get messy all the time.
  • You can travel anywhere with your tiny house. Don’t forget you might be tied to a place because of a job, family etc.
  • You can build better relationships with your family. A tiny house is probably only suitable for a small family. If you have 3 kids or 3 pets cats/dogs, are you willing to be close with them 24/7? What about your privacy?
  • A tiny house can be built on a trailer only. This is not true. You can build your tiny house on land provided it meets your local building codes.
  • You can save money while living in a tiny house. There so many factors that may add cost over time, such as whether to rent or to buy land, the monthly energy cost for on-grid homes, etc. Living in a tiny home is not a quick money-saving trick.
  • Building a tiny house doesn’t need a building permit if it falls under a certain square footage. If you decide to live in your tiny house, it would be classified as a “Dwelling” and the regulation says it doesn’t matter if your living space is 10,000 or 10 square feet.
  • No codes and zoning regulations apply. This is a big myth. You need to comply with zoning regulations in your area.
  • No room for furniture. You can still enjoy your furniture within a limited living space, but you must choose your furniture carefully and maybe invest in folding or transforming furniture.

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