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8 Beautiful Treehouses You can Rent

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Rate: $294.25/night
Location: Flintstone, Georgia
Key Features: Full climate control, kitchenette & bathroom in the treehouse, ultra-fast internet [more information]

Rate: $159/night
Location: Haleiwa, Hawaii
Key Features: Free parking on premises, Wifi, Laptop friendly workspace [more information]

Rate: $100/night
Location: China Grove, North Carolina
Key Features: Heat/Ac, TV and DVD player, Shower, Toilet [more information]

Rate: $260/night
Location: Middle Grove, New York
Key Features: Free parking on premises, Wifi, Hot water, Heating [more information]

Rate: $102/night
Location: Grubville, Missouri
Key Features: Laptop friendly workspace, Indoor Fireplace, Children’s books and toys [more information]

Rate: $375/night
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Key Features: Free parking on premises, Hot water, Fire extinguisher, Smoke detector [more information]

Rate: $175/night
Location: Stanton, Kentucky
Key Features: Carbon monoxide detector, Fire extinguisher, Free parking on premises [more information]

Rate: $100/night
Location: McEwen, Tennessee
Key Features: Air conditioning, Laptop friendly workspace, Free parking on premises [more information]

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