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73 Dream Tiny House Plans of 2020

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Whether you are searching for a tiny home office, a simple hunting cabin, or a storage space for your weather-sensitive belongings, the 8×10 Bunkie is a viable solution. With the addition of a heat source, this fully insulated design becomes a usable space all year long.

bunk box tiny house plan

Bunk Box Tiny House Plans
The Bunk Box Plan is an exceptionally modern design of a tiny house because the wall framing and electrical are visible inside of the house. The Bunk Box Tiny House was created on a 16-foot trailer, it comes with an area of 125 square feet on the main floor, plus an additional 72 square feet sleeping loft.

Nobody likes to wait for the bus in the rain. This small shelter is excellent for the kids while they wait for their bus.

tiny house plan

Our Camp Alcove was fashioned after traditional Adirondack style lean-to’s. Our shelter includes a generous overhang and a built-in bench for ample seating and camping gear storage.

crooked playhouse

Crooked Playhouse Plans
The construction is not difficult at all and with our detailed playhouse plans almost anyone can do it. You can follow the step by step instructions precisely or you can adjust the structure as you wish to get the kids playhouse of your dreams; choose colors you prefer, decorate according to your kids’ taste, put little table with chairs, loads of cushions or anything else inside, decide whether you wish to install the door and windows or just create some cool frames and leave it open, you can even add front porch or loft, have it is outdoor playhouse or keep it inside, simply anything your mind can think of!

Dee’s Kozy Kabin Tiny House Plans

Dee’s Kozy Kabin Tiny House Plans
Space was inspired by seeing a friend’s house and hanging out with him in it. The design was re-engineered with a slightly different trailer set-up and a completely different floor plan – one that was even more simple, comfortable, and basic.

Doll house

Dollhouse 12x plan
This Dollhouse plan would make Queen Victoria proud. The steep dormer above the single door with barn sash windows creates a beautiful space.

barbara plan

Family Tiny House Plans Barbara
Barbara is a 430 sq. ft. (40 m2) timber frame two-storey family small house. This 18′ x 12′-8″ (5,5 m x 3,5 m) 3 bedroom tiny house has a 37 sq. ft. (3,4 m2) mezzanine with one bedroom and 186 sq. ft. (17,3 m2) loft with the other two.

Garden shed

Garden shed plan
This Garden Shed is a famous sanctuary for anyone who enjoys outdoors and the comfort of a quiet area. The small interior can be used as a cabin, while the porch invites you to relax, and enjoy the scenery.


Boom, you just pictured our Gibraltar! Who can resist the charm of the meandering porch and decorative barrel arch above the door entranceway and abundant barn sash windows?

Backyard Studio 128 by Tiny House Builders
The backyard studio is an easy, inexpensive, and do-it-yourself (DIY) way to expand your house to make room for your work, hobbies, and crafts. It is small enough to be considered a shed in most municipalities and can thus be legally built in most backyards.


This tiny house with 8’ tall walls and a steep roof gives its inhabitants plenty of room to stretch. A small loft with a ladder is the perfect escape for a nap or put your bed on the main floor and use the loft for storage.

Heritage plan

Heritage plans
JCS’ only building that comes with two natural rooms for increased versatility and workshop space. The Heritage is equipped with a double door for adequate entry for a lawn tractor, and recreational vehicles.

12x16 Home Office Siding Micro Cottage

Our most popular small cottage design for its practicality and versatility. From a campground cabin to a backyard office, to a luxurious storage shed, the open floor plan provides lots of room for customization. The porch provides a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy a sunrise or sunset.

wooden play house

Lookout Playhouse Plans
Lookout playhouse is one of our kids playhouse blueprints. It is a lovely 8′ x 7′ (2,4 m x 2,1 m) elevated wooden playhouse with pitched roof and little staircase.

love nest

Love nest plans
Featuring a stunning integrated porch with keyhole style entrance, decorative latticework, and two comfy built-in benches. This lovely design works perfectly as a she-shed, pond house, or playhouse.

miter box tiny house plan

Miter Box Tiny House Plans
The Miter Box Tiny House Plan was designed on the concept of modern, energy-efficiency-focused tiny houses. It has an area of 122 square feet on the main floor and an additional 28 square feet of the sleeping loft.

Garden shed

This tiny cabin was inspired by Victorian architecture. It can be used as a small summer cabin, or upgraded into a four-season structure for year-round use. The porch creates a small seating area for relaxation and the enjoyment of nature.

pond house

The Pond House is a picturesque small shack that allows such debonair and charm to any landscape. Tuck it between some trees or near your garden to use it as a pleasant kid’s playhouse or garden shed. Add the porch railing and cedar sunburst entry to give it more zing!

queen cottage

Whether you are looking for a small home office, a rustic cabin retreat, or the quintessential man-cave, the 10×14 Queen Cottage is an ideal solution. With the addition of a heat source, this fully insulated design becomes a usable space all year long.


A New England staple, with colonial charm— the Saltbox begs the word “tradition.” Featuring a distinct asymmetrical roof style, it is not only elegant but abundantly practical. This design is excellent and allows rain and snow to shed off easily.

simple living tiny house plans

Simple Living Tiny House Plan by Tiny Home Builders
The ‘Simple Living’ design plan is our easiest and most affordable house to build. The goal of this design is to provide an inexpensive option for those on a tighter budget. Depending on the materials used, you can build this house for as little as $10,000!

vermont plan

This Elegant one-room cabin features an open floor plan and high ceilings with a loft. This cottage is brimming with possibilities. Convert it into a camp, playhouse, pool house, guest house, workshop, cabana, art studio, cabin, or even 4-Season living.

Vermont Cottage B Plan
Rugged post and beam techniques passed down for centuries are the foundation of this sturdy, picturesque retreat reminiscent of old New England. Handmade from native Rough Sawn Vermont Hemlock and Pine, this kit comes with everything you need to have to create your own Cabin in the woods.

The Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans
The Sweet Pea Tiny House was originally designed around our friend’s desires to live simply, comfortably, and spaciously, and to someday start a family. The french doors open at the side, which stretches the space and avoids splitting it down the middle.

Salasa box

The Salsa Box Tiny House Plans
The Salsa Box Tiny House plan is a portable, high quality, and affordable design that packs a lot of amenities into its 93 square feet. The suggested floor plan differs slightly from the photos shown and includes a single bed that pulls out into a double bed, a dropdown table for reading and writing, a small closet, a functional kitchen, and a bathroom with a composting toilet and shower.

the hikari box tiny house plans

The Hikari Box Tiny House Plans by Shelter Wise
The Hikari Box Tiny House is a futuristic tiny house design for a spacious and light-filled home with a relatively simple construction process. A beautiful staircase leads you to the queen loft with storage underneath inspired by Japanese step tansu chests, and there’s ample storage in the kitchen as well.


With abundant natural light streaming in from the barn sash and transom windows and the additional headroom provided by the dormer, this unique design is the excellent choice for a workshop, studio, backyard office, or a stylish design storage shed.

Cider Box Tiny House Plans
The Cider Box Tiny House is a great design for small families and for couples because it can house a two separate sleeping lofts, a full kitchen, and space for laundry.
The main loft is accessed through the stairs that can also be used as storage compartments, rather than being just a ladder. The kitchen includes space for a four-burner stove and a counter with bar seating.

brigitte small wood frame house plan

Brigitte Small House Plan
Brigitte Small House Plan is a two-story house that comes with a porch in a modern style without losing the traditional elements of the house. This small house features a two-bedroom and the first floor of the design is intended to provide three rooms, one for a spacious kitchen-living room, one bathroom, and another room for storage.

marlene plan

Beach Cottage Plans Marlene
Full set of cottage plans
Building progress + comments
Full material list + tool list
DIY building cost $10,100


A-Frame Shed Plans Lily
Glass, wood, the countryside, fresh air, a low cost house plan and most importantly, sustainable living. Those are the main attributes of our A-Frame shed plans. Tiny, yet spacious, the A-Frame shed plan is a great choice for people who like to be creative and innovative as well as for those who simply like to camp.

elisabeth weekend cabin plan

Elisabeth Weekend Cabin Plans
Elisabeth Cabin is meant for a couple, or as a weekend house for a smaller family. This cabin has a one-bedroom with one room designed as a combination of living room, kitchen.

susan plan

Elevated Tiny House Plans Susan
House on piers Susan is one of our tiny house plans. It is 1 room tiny house, a simple 222 sq. ft. (20,64 m2) elevated timber structure on pillars and with flat roof. Its 20′ x 11′-1″ (6,10 x 3,38 m) interior includes bathroom and kitchenette and has 43 sq. ft. (4 m2) porch at the front and on the back.

virginia plan

Elevated Cabin Plans Virginia
Full set of plans
Development progress + comments
Entire material list + tool list
DIY construction cost $3,100

donna DIY cabin building plans

Donna Cabin Building Plans
The Donna Cabin Building Plans contains a timber construction step by step guide and complete set of small house plans (pdf): layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors.

dagmar modern home building plans

Dagmar Modern Home Building Plans
Dagmar is a two-story, two-bedroom house plan designed especially for modern families. Dagmar is designed in modern-traditional style, with a gable roof. It has two porches, one on the first floor, and the other on the 2nd. Dagmar can be used as a family house as it is designed to provide shelter for a family throughout the entire year, or as a cottage for summer holidays, or as a weekend house for parties.

Contemporary Small House Plans Sheena
Sheena is one of our elevated tiny house plans. It is a 354 sq. ft. (32,8m2) / 23′-9″ x 1′ (6,8 x 4,9 m) 1 bedroom tiny house on concrete footings, with glassed front facade, flat roof and 71 sg. ft. (6,6 m2) front porch.

cloe one room cottage tiny house plans

Cloe One Room Cottage Tiny House Plan
It has a complete set of small house plans (pdf): layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors. A very detailed description of everything you need to build a small house that you can follow along.


Clerestory Cabin Plans Anita
Clerestory cabin plans are a new project among the prefab cabins we have to offer. Anita, our clerestory cabin plan, is a brand-new one-bedroom house with several practical advantages to normal cabins. Standard, as with our other products, is energy efficient and has a unique water-saving system. Another advantage is that our projects are all-DIY.

garden plan

Gazebo Plans Clara
Clara is one of our wooden gazebo plans. It is a traditionally looking 33 sq. ft. (3,1 m2) wooden gazebo. It is enclosed with windows in each segment of the walls, table and seating inside and pitched roof on top.

DIY garden hut plans with porch and loft

Garden Hut Plans Jayne Tiny House Plan
Jayne Tiny House Plan is a two-story design with two rooms and a bathroom. The lower floor is primarily meant as a living room combined with a tiny kitchen, while the loft provides enough space for storage and/or bedroom.

Garden Cottage Plans Shelley
Complete set of garden shed plans (pdf): layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors


Garden Cabin Plans Gina
Gina is one of the loveliest from our small cabin floor plans. It is adorable 1 bedroom cabin, 16′-10″ x 12′ / 5,1 x 3,7 m, 201 sq. ft. / 18,7 m2 easy to build timber structure with a gable roof, large 61 sq. ft. / 5,7 m2 front porch and separate storage space.


Gambrel Roof Shed Plans Sonja
One of our gambrel roof shed plans, Sonja, is a 140 sq. ft. (13 m2) lovely tiny garden cabin. It has a 10′-8″ x 8′-6″ / 7 x 6 m) main central space with little wooden steps leading to a 65 sq. ft. / 6 m2 sleeping loft located under its gambrel roof.

elisabeth weekend cabin plan

Elisabeth Weekend Cabin Plans
Elisabeth Cabin is designed for a couple, or as a weekend house for a smaller family. This cabin has a one-bedroom with one room designed as a combination of a living room, kitchen.

cabin plan

Modern Tiny House Plans Alice
Alice is 360 sq ft / 33,4 m² DIY 1 bedroom tiny house with symmetrical gable roof, 10′-11″ x 8′-3″ / 3,3 x 2,5 m sleeping loft and spacious living room. The 24 x 13′-2″ / 7,3 x 4 m interior space is accessible through its 13′-2″ x 4′-9″ / 4 x 1,4 m porch and doors in the fully glassed front façade.

Lisa Small Flat Roof House Tiny House Plan
Lisa Tiny House Plan is a small wooden flat-roof house that integrates the concept of minimalism with space-saving solutions for efficient use of the space to provide ample storage space. This tiny house has a single-bedroom of a one-story house with a porch.

expandable tiny house plan

Kelly Expandable Small House Plans
Kelly’s tiny house plan comes with a solution for reusable resources – a rainwater tank. This tiny house has got one more feature and that is expandable like no other tiny house plan we created so far. This tiny house plan features a two-bedroom and you can modify its size according to your ideas.

judy small two story house plan

Judy Small Two Story House Plans
This tiny house plan is designed for leisure and it has a two-bedroom with porches. The first level combines the living room and kitchen, bathroom, and storage. The second story is intended for bedrooms.

Japanese Tea House Plans
Complete set of beautiful DIY Japanese Tea House Plans (PDF): layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors; CAD set included.

ingrid forest cabin plan

Ingrid Forest Cabin Plans
Ingrid is a forest cabin plan designed to stay for long-lasting, sustainable living and comfort. This plan has a three-room with a bathroom and porch. The porch is covered with the roof to prevent excessive water.

hobby house

The Hobby House is loaded with features that create a fantastic workshop, art studio, or store. The double barn doors with ramp make it easy to load items in and out. A spacious storage loft, handy built-in workbench and overhang are all very useful components.

Plan 505 Tiny House Plan by Texas Tiny Homes
The Plan 505 Tiny House Plan is an exclusive design ideal for a single person, young couples, or retired couples looking for a budget everyday home, or a weekend escape home to enjoy.

336 tiny house plan texas tiny home

Plan 336 Tiny House Plan by Texas Tiny Homes
Plan 336 Tiny House Plan by Texas Tiny Homes was designed and planned to build and eventually ship it to the customers at some point in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, the house construction plans are now available for purchase.

plan 1888 tiny house plan texas tiny homes

Plan 1888 Tiny House Plan by Texas Tiny Homes
Plan 1888 Tiny House is a small, but very luxurious, elegant home that features 2 bedrooms and a 6-bed bunk/playroom, and a full bathroom. This Plan has the feel of up to 4 times larger, and the custom features that typically can be found in larger size homes.

brv1 tiny house plans sketch

The BRV1 Tiny House Plans by Humble Homes (Printed)
The living room features a cathedral ceiling, a dormer with a half-round window, and a set of glass outward-swing patio doors. Natural light from the windows floods the interior creating a bright and airy space and home to a small stainless steel fireplace that keeps the house warm and cozy.

blue jay tiny house plans

The Blue Jay Tiny House Plans by Humbles Homes
This plan is specifically designed for a self-employed couple who work in the creative industries, the Tiny House features a spare room that’s perfect for a home office or hobby space.

The Athru Tiny House Plans by Humble Homes

The Athrú (meaning to change or alter) is a unique tiny house. Like several of our tiny houses (The McG Loft and BRV1), this home has been designed to make a tiny housing a feasible option for someone who may not be able to access a sleeping loft. To create a more accessible home, the bed is concealed under the raised kitchen. Storing the bed in this way has allowed us to maximise the available floor space – it’s a tiny house that works around you and your needs.

Small Tower House Plans Veronica
This tiny house plan is our brand-new two-story concept. Small tower house plans combine modern style minimalist architecture with practical, utilizable solutions for families.

Cherry Treesort Miss Molly tree house for rent

Small Saltbox House Plans Molly
This unique small saltbox house plan combines elements of traditional architecture with modern, minimalist architectural concepts. This small house plan is a two-story concept with exceptionally designed storage areas and special indoor arrangements give as much comfort and space as possible.

Small Lake House Plans Esther
The unique plans of the Small Lake House Esther are easy to understand, simply laid-out while offering a very unusual modern look. For the little built-up area that the house occupies, with Esther Plans you are getting most of the total floor area.

floor plan

Small Flat Roof House Plans Bessie
Bessie is probably one the most unique tiny home floor plans. There are two main features to its design. One is an effort to create open, clear and undisturbed central space.

Small Cottage Plans with Loft Frances
Frances is a product meant for those small cottage plans enthusiasts, those who love wooden or timber constructions and DIY cabin plans. This unique design combines elements of classical design with heat-saving setups and unique space-saving solutions to leave enough room for your belongings without cutting the space for your living.

christie plan

Vacation Cottage Plans Christie
Christie is one of our small cottage floor plans. It includes everything you need to get a proper rest away from the worries of your everyday life. On the ground floor there is large central space with a little kitchenette running alongside one of the walls, which has a panoramic window covering the entire width of this wall.


Two Bedroom Modern House Plans Sandra
We give specific attention to accommodating the classic, traditional house plan style, and added minimalist architecture elements. This plan is to attract the eye with its design while being eco-friendly as well as low-cost. Like many of our two-bedroom house plans and fits perfectly to smaller plots but would also perfectly make a great replacement for a family house or a weekend house.

Tiny Studio Tiny House Plan by Tiny Home Builders
This design gives a more modern, open layout. The kitchen and dining area are both raised platforms on one end of the house. Underneath the platform, there is a pull out bed that acts as seating when pushed in.

Tiny retirement exterior

Tiny Retirement Tiny House Plan by Tiny Home Builders
This tiny house plan design is a single level home perfect for those who would prefer to not climb a ladder to go to bed. It is unique in that its entryway is aligned on the long side of the house, allowing for a bathroom to be located on one end of the house while leaving room for a full-size bed or pull-out couch on the other end.

Tiny Living Tiny House Plan by Tiny Home Builders
The Element integrates a shed style roof which gives it a more modern look and also makes it the roomiest and easiest to build of all our tiny houses..

turtle tiny house plans

The Turtle Tiny House Plans by Humble Homes
The Turtle house is a tiny house designed for accessibility and storage. At 230 square feet this is a not-so-tiny tiny house, which is suited to those who need just a little bit more space. This home is the result of a collaborative effort between Humble Homes and Karen Batchelor of Living Large with Less. Together we set out to create a tiny house that would be more fitting for an older person.

brv2 tiny house plans sketch

The BRV2 Tiny House Plans by Humble Homes
The living room features a large operable window to provide natural light and ventilation. With a ceiling height of 6′-10″ and exposed loft joists, the space feels both spacious and warm. Storage cabinets have been incorporated around the perimeter of the room, with additional recessed storage cabinets available in the partition walls for smaller items. You may also decide to use the living room as a first floor bedroom – it’s up to you!

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