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  • Things fade. When you see a thing in a store for the first time, you might get excited because it looks shiny and new. As soon as you open the package, however, it will begin to fade and perish. You will begin to crave something else to give you that same feeling of excitement. The whole cycle repeats.
  • Buying does not equal contentment. Contentment comes from self-love and living a purpose-driven life. Spend your money on experiences instead. Research has shown that experiences are a more effective way to make us happy.
  • Others will always have more. If our happiness is measured by buying stuff, those with more things than us will always seem happier, and we will never succeed in this game.
  • Ownership requires maintenance. All the things we buy require time, focus and energy to maintain, organize and clean. As a result, they divert our attention from experiences and self-reflection that are what imbue a sense of meaning in our lives.
  • The new purchase gives us an extra thing to worry about. Every time we buy an item, it represents one more thing that can be scratched or stolen.
  • Your most recent purchase will be out-of-date soon. There’s always a new model, a new style, a new feature or a new improvement to every car, gadget, clothing, etc.
  • Your emotional needs can’t be satisfied by material things. Make time for your inner life through self-reflection and introspection.

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