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  • Support from a Community – Going to a workshop in person gives you the chance to meet a room full of individuals on a similar journey as you. At a workshop, you can network with other tiny house enthusiasts and get support for each other.
  • Visit actual tiny houses – The best part of a workshop are the tiny house tours, which will give you more information than you will ever get from looking at photographs on the web.
  • Education – You learn about a range of topics in a relatively short amount of time, from roofing your tiny house to how to use composting toilets. Other topics of interest include zoning issues, toilets and waste transfer, measure and weight limits, tiny house frameworks, floorplans, 3d outline contemplations, and many more!
  • Hands-On Experience – At a workshop, design and building experts can walk you through how to plan your project like a master. You can get practical experience with different building tools and construction basics like roofing, flooring, plumbing etc.

If attending a physical workshop isn’t an option right now, you can check out this awesome digital tiny house workshop. It covers a very comprehensive range of tiny house topics.

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