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2020 13 Best Tiny House Plans under $50

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Price: $24.99
Nobody likes to wait for the bus in the rain. This small shelter is excellent for the kids while they wait for their bus.

2. Crooked Playhouse Plans
Price: $39.00
There are no limits to yours and your kids’ imagination and if you check our references, you will see many examples of what beautiful wooden playhouse you can have. Your children will be happy and their friends too, we promise!

3. Doll house 12x plan
Price: $29.95
The darling Dollhouse entices our customers who are looking for a garden shed or playhouse with a dash of sophistication. The steep dormer above the single door and barn sash windows create an inviting space for all.

4. Dee’s Kozy Kabin Tiny House Plans
Price: $49.00
The design was re-engineered with a slightly different trailer set-up and a completely different floor plan – one that was even more simple, comfortable, and basic. The 84 square foot cozy cabin Tiny House has no running water, no exclusive bathroom space, and just a smidgen of solar electric power.
5. Garden shed plan
Price: $19.95
This Garden Shed is a famous sanctuary for anyone who enjoys outdoors and the comfort of a quiet area. The small interior can be used as a cabin, while the porch invites you to relax, and enjoy the scenery.

6. Heritage plans
Price: $29.95
JCS’ only building that comes with two natural rooms for increased versatility and workshop space. The Heritage is equipped with a double door for adequate entry for a lawn tractor, and recreational vehicles.

Price: $49.98
A New England staple, with colonial charm— the Saltbox begs the word “tradition.” Featuring a distinct asymmetrical roof style, it is not only elegant, but abundantly practical. This design allows rain and snow to shed off easily, keeping the entrance relatively clear all year round.

8. Plan 572 Tiny House Plan by Texas Tiny Homes
Price: $29.99
The Plan 572 small House Plan by Texas Tiny Homes is the most famous plan from Texas Tiny Homes. This tiny house plan build in 6″ inch exterior walls for much colder places.
9. Plan 552 Tiny House Plan by Texas Tiny Homes
Price: $29.99
Plan 552 small House Plan by Texas Tiny Homes is perfect for weekend getaways, or permanent residency for a single person, or young couple wanting to live the simple/good life. This small home has a full spiral staircase leading up to the master bedroom. It has an 18′ feet high cathedral ceiling across the entire house.

Price: $39.90
This tiny cabin was inspired by Victorian architecture. It can be used as a small summer cabin, or upgraded into a four-season structure for year-round use. The porch creates a small seating area for relaxation and the enjoyment of nature.

11. Love nest plans
Price: $49.95
Featuring a stunning integrated porch with keyhole style entrance, decorative latticework, and two comfy built-in benches. This beautiful design works fantastically as a she-shed, pond house, or playhouse.
Price: $49.99
This beautiful Outhouse is embellished and comes with a quarter moon design cutout in the door. Complete with a fully enclosed bench seat, angled for comfort, a vent stack, toilet seat, and a hopper which funnels material to a hole in the floor.
13. The Salsa Box Tiny House Plans
Price: $49.00
The Salsa Box Tiny House plan is a portable, high quality, and affordable design that packs a lot of amenities into its 93 square feet. The suggested floor plan differs slightly from the photos shown and includes a single bed that pulls out into a double bed, a dropdown table for reading and writing, a small closet, a functional kitchen, and a bathroom with a composting toilet and shower.
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